House Cleaning for Head Lice

Some think that if you have lice in your family that you don’t need to clean the house.  Off the head, lice live for about 48 hours. Nits that are in the house will hatch but they only have 45 minutes to get on a head and feed or they will die.

Washing in hot water and drying on high heat will kill lice and nits

Although the chances are small that lice in the house will get back on a head, there is still a chance. In my opinion, if you have lice, why take chances? Do you want lice back?  I hope not!

There are several ways to clean the house of lice:

  • Wash items in hot water and dry on high heat
  • Bag items for 2 weeks
  • Freeze for 3 days
  • Vacuum
  • Wipe down with Windex (or water and vinegar)

Items that need to be cleaned:

  • Bedding including mattress pad, pillow, and comforter
  • Clothing that has been worn, including hoodies and beanies
  • Stuffed animals and toys that aren’t hard plastic
  • Furniture such as couches
  • Brushes and combs
  • Car/car seats
  • Sporting equipment such as helmets, caps or pennies
  • Backpack

There are sprays you can purchase at the drug store but I would not recommend them.  They are pesticide based and if you spray them on your beds and couches, your kids will then lie on and breathe the pesticide.  Besides, lice are resistant to the pesticides so these sprays don’t really work.

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