Nit-Wits Lice Treatment

GOT LICE?? Now what? Having lice can be very frustrating indeed!

Nit-Wits is here to help! We will quickly and efficiently remove lice and nits from infested individuals and give you step-by-step instructions on cleaning your home and possessions so that you can get your life back. We take the mystery out of lice and provide you the tools necessary to prevent future infestations.

We use natural products

All parents want the best for their kids. Traditional treatment for head lice (ie Rid and Nix) includes the use of pesticides, called pediculicides. Pediculicides work by affecting the nervous system of lice. Studies show that some head lice have developed a resistance to traditional pesticide (permethrins) treatment. Our treatment is safe, and we only use natural, non-toxic products which are not harmful to your child.

We provide:

  • In-home, discreet lice removal services using only natural products.
  • Fast and efficient service.
  • Instruction on removing lice from the house, car, furniture.
  • Professional, friendly, individualized treatment.
  • Certificate of Treatment as required by some schools.
  • 100% GUARANTEED!


“Nit-Wits came to my house armed with all the tools necessary to remove the lice, plus movies for my daughter to watch and snacks for her to eat. My daughter actually enjoyed the treatment and they helped with getting the lice out of my house. I cannot tell you what peace of mind I felt when Nit-Wits left that night. I would recommend them in a heartbeat.” – J.I.

“Thanks to Nit-Wits we were lice-free in a week!” – S.C.

“I was so frustrated with our lice problem and Nit-Wits came and got rid of our lice
after one treatment. You saved my life.”
– M.N.


Most schools have a “No Nit” policy. We will provide a certificate of treatment so that your child can be re-admitted into school immediately following treatment.

Curing lice today so you can get back to your life tomorrow.

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