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Nit-Wits Lice Removal

Lori Webb, Nit-Wits Founder

We provide professional, mobile in-home lice removal services that are 100% GUARANTEED. Call 925.787.6020 so we can take care of the lice and you can get on with your life.

Healthcare Experience
We know personally how devastating and frustrating lice can be. Lice can bring everything to a standstill. You can turn to Nit-Wits to eliminate the lice so that you can spend your time on the important things in life. Nit-Wits brings 18 years of healthcare experience and has made it our goal to help other families that find themselves at their “wits” end due to lice.

Treatment Plan
No worries! We will come to your home in an unmarked car so neighbors and friends do not find out about your lice problem. After arriving we will screen all family members for lice. We first treat with a natural solution and then comb out your child’s hair using a specialized nit/lice removal comb. Following combing we manually remove (strand by strand) any remaining lice and nits. Treatment usually takes about an hour, depending on hair thickness and level of infestation. Working with you in your home allows for on-site advice on removing lice from the home and furnishings and to answer all your lice removal questions.

It usually requires two treatments to complete the lice removal process. There is no miracle cure to get rid of lice. Over the counter lice removal products which contain pesticides (Rid, Nix) are no longer effective as lice have built up a resistance to these chemicals. The only way to cure lice 100% is to manually remove all lice and nits.

Nit-Wits removes all lice and nits quickly and efficiently.  Our services are ALWAYS discreet, effective, and personal.

We will provide a certificate of treatment so that your child can immediately return to school.

You can relax while your child watches a DVD and we do all the work. You can even work from home, if you want to!

Curing lice today so you can get back to your life tomorrow.



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